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About Me
About My Beads
All of my lampwork beads were created by me right here in my studio in beautiful scenic Oregon. I make each bead one by one with 1/16" mandrels and each one is kiln annealed for durability and long life. I take pride in my attention to detail which you will notice in my bead stylings. 
The Early Days Of Lampworking

Well, as the old saying goes... Everyone has to start somewhere. I purchased a bead making kit (with Cindy Jenkin's first book, Making Glass Beads, included) and a hot head torch in May of 2003. It was so much fun my hubby joined in. Our beads were all made in our master bathroom with the torch attached to the counter top when I first started out. We eventually moved to a space dedicated to bead making. Below are our first four days of bead making. 

Day 1: The second bead from the left in the top picture was the first "bead" I ever made. Hubby's first was the first one on the left in the top picture. I believe the fourth one from the left was suppose to resemble a turtle. Boy were we ahead of ourselves or what?!!

Day 2: I thought day two was a major improvement over day one. Of course, we figured out how to make the glass on the rod actually look something like a real bead! We even managed more even bumpies and a little feathering.

Day 3: We figured out how to make a plunge bead. I remember the feeling I had when I finally mastered the bubble! LOL forget the fact that the clear is burnt and the bead isn't round! 

Day 4: More plunge beads and a little spot or two. Then we managed to make some beads that actually went together (color-wise). That's all it took to get completely hooked on making beads. If you look through our Gallery pages, you will see how far we have come since we first started out.