This is the story of a love struck bumblebee named Barney. His one true love is a ladybug named Margaret. Its a buggy little love story....


Part 1
Barney has been after his true love, Margaret, for a very long time now! (Ladybugs like to play hard to get). Poor little Barney has tried everything he could think of to win her over but Margaret acts so disinterested most of the time. Sure, she will hang out with him in the garden talking over a giant sunflower for the entire afternoon, sipping fire ant cider until the thimble is dry. And she is even willing to let him hold her under his little bumble bee wing when she is frightened as Sir Drucksdon, the garden spider, crawls by in search of his next meal.

There is only one thing Barney has ever wanted from Margaret, other than her undying love, and that is .. a kiss. He is one determined little bee!! He knows that persistence will pay off. Barney brought Margaret some of his favorite flowers and tummy tickling bumpy beads. Look, he even sculpted her likeness on one of the larger lentil beads! That's sure to impress her, isn't it?

Look, she seems to be intrigued! Could this be the day that Barney gets his kiss?

Part 2
Barney knocked on Margaret's door early one morning and asked her to join him at Periwinkle Gardens later that afternoon. Much to his delight, she agreed to go! Barney told her that this was her special day and that he couldn't wait to see her later on that afternoon. You see, Barney had a special secret surprise that he wanted to share with her. He had spent the last seven days sculpting another likeness of her right there in Periwinkle Gardens in a special place that he affectionately referred to as  "Margaret's Throne". She was his queen "bee" after all! He also planted a couple of cute little flowers next to his sculpture so she could enjoy the soft scent of those flowers while admiring his gift to her.

After he finished his lunch, Barney walked to Margaret's house, ready to walk her to Periwinkle Garden. They arrived at the special spot in the garden that Barney had created. Margaret was simply delighted with what Barney had done. In fact, she was so happy that she stood up on her little tippy toes and kissed his cheek. Barney felt his little heart flitter flutter in his chest as he stood there with a silly grin on his face. He had finally received a much sought after kiss from his one true love. All he could do was stand there next to her and enjoy her smile as she enjoyed his gift to her.

And so begins the courtship Barney & Margaret. I'm sure it will be a truly buggy romance.

Part 3
Barney has been courting his true love, ladybug, Margaret, for the past two weeks. He is sure in his heart of hearts that she's the girl for him. So after spending most of the day working up all the courage his little heart could muster, he decided that it was time to ask for Margaret's hand. After all, a bug's life is a short one. Barney doesn't want to spend another day without Margaret by his side.

With the best flowers from his own garden in hand, Barney flies off to see Margaret. Upon arriving at her home, he is greeted by Margaret's sister, Melanie. She seems very relieved to see him at the same time, she's frantic with worry! She flitter flutters about hopping from one set of feet to the other as she quickly tells Barney that Margaret went to the aphid market and that she should have returned home hours ago! Melanie is very worried that something might have happened to her sister. Barney's immediate thoughts are of Sir Drucksdon, the garden spider that lives near the aphid market. He silently prays that she hasn't fallen victim to that nasty old spider as he assures Melanie that he will find her and bring her home. He hands Melanie the flowers that he picked for Margaret and flies off towards the aphid market. Barney's heart is beating fast with dread as he flies away, reminding himself to think positive thoughts.

Will Barney find Margaret? Has that nasty old garden spider made a meal of his one true love?

Part 4
Barney, the bumblebee, had been searching for Margaret, the ladybug, for hours and hours. He buzzed over the aphid market once again as he had done several times that afternoon and scanned the rose bushes below for any sign of Margaret. He still didn't catch a glimpse of her there. But he did spot a couple of acquaintances, a caterpillar couple named Stanley & Gracie. These two caterpillars lived pretty close to the aphid market and he thought they might have seen Margaret so he swooped down to ask them. Stanley & Gracie had been chewing leaves for most of the day, not really noticing much around them, but the thought they remembered seeing Margaret earlier that afternoon on her way to the aphid market. That was the last time they saw her. Barney thanked them for their information and they wished him God speed on finding her. They promised to keep an eye out for her as they prepared to head into their garden home for the night.

Barney was getting more worried by the minute! It was nearly dark now and he still hadn't found his lady. With a long lonely sigh, he finally headed over towards the place he dreaded the most. Sir Drucksdon's lair. He was a nasty old garden spider with an even nastier disposition. Barney prayed with all his heart that Druksdon's web was not the last place Margaret had ever seen.

To be continued…

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